De Anza College Exempt from Moral Decline

CUPERTINO, CA -- Leaving the second floor of the library, an international De Anza College student is filled with excited relief as she is reunited with her smartphone.
Leona Xi Minhoa, 22, an international student and business major, lost her phone in the women’s bathroom by her debate class. However, the phone was returned an hour later.
“You are so incredibly awesome!” Minhoa said as she embraced the girl who found her phone.
Phones or personal belongings are constantly forgotten in public places. People often have little hope their items will ever be returned because they believe America’s morals are in the toilet.
American’s ratings of U.S. moral values has reached a new low point with 77% of people believing moral values are becoming worse, according to an annual poll published by Gallup. It suggested that although many Americans are happy with their life, few have a positive view about the nation’s state of moral values.

Vanessa Lopez, 19, an engineering major, said she defines mora…

How would you rate the current state of morals in the US?

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